Buxted Park Cricket and Sports Association
Data Protection Policy
April 2018

In the UK, data protection is currently covered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998).
From 25 May 2018 Data protection will come under the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This document sets out how we will comply with the new regulation.

What information we collect about you.
Buxted Park Cricket and Sports Association (BPSA) collect and record you name and class of membership (Life, Full, Student, Junior or Social) together with the membership fee paid.

Why we Collect it.
We are required to maintain a list of members to comply with our status as a Private Members club with Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Status.
We need a list of members to enable the bar steward to ensure only eligible members are served.
We need a list of members to allow the clubs accountant and auditor to check that membership fees have been correctly and fully collected and accounted for in the annual accounts.
The BPSA constitution allows for votes to be taken on certain matters and a list of eligible voters is needed to verify the right to vote.

Who has access to it.
The accountant/Auditor has access to the list of members for the purposes set out above.
The bar steward has access to the list for the purpose listed above.
The treasurer of BPSA has access to it to ensure the fees are collected, banked and properly accounted for in the clubs accounts.
If requested by HMRC (for CASC status) or the Premises Licensing Authority, we would need to supply them with a list of members.

Who we share it with
We do not share the information with any body other than those mentioned above.

Data Retention
We keep the records for 6 years, which is the standard periods required by HMRC.